Gov. Snyder
Thanks for
the potholes!

Lose a tire to a pothole? Are you mad about the roads? Have you ever seen them so bad? We have one person to thank for it - Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

Instead of fixing our roads, Snyder handed out a $1.8 billion tax giveaway to corporations and CEOs (HB 4361 of 2011) - taking money away that could be better used to fix our crumbling infrastructure.

Now Snyder claims he wants to fix our broken roads and bridges, but he wants to pay for it with massive new gas taxes that would hit our working and middle-class families the hardest.

Tell him he is wrong to let our roads crumble while giving corporations and CEOs a $1.8 billon tax cut. Tell Gov. Snyder to fix our Snyderholes now!

Here's what you can do to fight back:

  1. Sign the petition!
  2. Submit a picture of the worst pothole (Snyderhole) you have seen as a thank you to the Governor.

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"This is a typical look for the cross-street, Holmes Rd. near where it ends at the cemetery."
Michael -
"We can't even get down our street, but Snyder and his Republicans want to keep wasting tax payer dollars on defending discrimination!!"
Frank -
 Grand Blanc
Randy -
"Second Victim of a Snyderhole in two months"
Garrett -
Rosendo -
 Grand Rapids
Lori -
 Grand Rapids
"One of the many Snyder-Holes I hit every day on my way to work cost me a $200 tire!"
Ruthann -
"It is obvious Mr Snyder does not care about the state's infrastructure."
Angela -
"Drop the gas prices so I can replace my tires... Fix the roads so I can afford gas and not be forced to decide between eating or fixing my car- which I might not be able to afford gas for after the repairs needed after driving in the dark anywhere in Michigan."
Mikki -
"Burton is terrible!"
Jeremy -
 Grand Rapids
"Where it said "upload a picture of pothole", it was so tempting to upload a picture of Snyder's face! But seriously... Instead of "sticking it" to us citizens, why not dip-in to some of that :billion dollar surplus" he wants to use to beautify the capital and start the (memorial to himself) bridge"
Dan -
 Grand Rapids
"I have had over $3,000 in car repairs in the last month due to pot holes (Bent wheels, flattened tires and undercarriage damage). So unacceptable and such a safety hazard."
 Huntington Woods
Chris -
 Royal Oak
Rachael -
 Sterling Heights
"I've replaced 6 tires in the last 8 months due to potholes in Pontiac, Detroit, Ann Arbor and I275. Beyond unacceptable!!!"
Toccara -